The basic idea about inbound marketing is to make delighted customers become advocates of your brand. Your goal is to exceed people’s expectations so that they would want to tell friends and family about their awesome experience. When a prospect or customer becomes delighted with a product or service, they will be very likely to promote that product or service. They influence others to come to your business.

How Inbound Works

It works like a flywheel. A flywheel a heavy revolving wheel in a machine that is used to increase the machine’s momentum. In the same way, inbound marketing uses the flywheel model to increase the number of customers for your business. There are three (3) stages in this flywheel model. Let’s take a look at them below.

  1. Attract – You begin inbound marketing by creating helpful and relevant content that will attract prospects or customers. This relevant varies according to your business role. If you’re a marketer, you can create blog posts and other articles that demonstrate knowledge. Sale Representatives simply make themselves available forĀ  meetings, calls or live chats. Service representatives can showcase their expertise by creating tutorials and knowledge documents.
  2. Engage – This stage begins when a prospect takes your desired action. For example, they read your article or book an appointment. It’s all about starting a relationship with your prospect or client. Your goal is become their trusted adviser. You will want gather information at this stage but you people will not give you their information to someone they do not trust. You need to build that trust.
  3. Delight – The zenith of the inbound marketing process is to get those delighted customers spreading good news about your brand. You need to give them an outstanding experience every time they interact with your company or business. Everyone in your company has the opportunity to delight these customers.

The essence of inbound marketing is to get happy customers. The secret to gettingĀ  those happy customers to give them what they are asking and even more. You exceed their expectations. If you exceed their expectations, then they will be all fired up to tell others the good things that you have done for them.

How do you exceed your customer’s expectations? Well, first you need to understand what motivates them. You need to know what you customer is looking for. What do they want? What do they need? Then, find opportunities that provide them additional insight to solve their problems and get what they need. If you are able to give them all that, then your inbound marketing strategy becomes a stunning success. Your happy customer will set out to bring you more happy customers.

Think about it…

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