7 Habits to Secure Your WordPress

Security is a major concern for all WordPress users. Because of its rising popularity, WordPress has become a favorite target for many hackers. It is not enough to wait on WordPress’ Security Team to provide security patches. You also need to take some precautionary measures to protect your site.

Here are a few habits to follow that helps secure your WordPress site:

  • Use strong, unique passwords – People make the common mistake of using generic and weak passwords. We may find it convenient to use generic passwords for all our online accounts but it also put our personal data at risk. It is always a good habit to change your password regularly. Always use strong and unique passwords.
  • Keep your WordPress updated – Keeping your WordPress site update ensures you protection from bugs and other potential errors. Using an outdated version can cause a lot of trouble. It can put your website data at risk.
  • Choose plugins and themes carefully – While plugins and themes provide functionality and aesthetics to your site, some poorly-designed plugins can cause you trouble. It has been reported that 51% of website attacks come from badly-created plugins. Make sure to read the Terms of Service and refund policy when purchasing WordPress plugins.
  • Delete Unused Plugins – Outdated plugins put your website at risk. If you do not use a plugin but keep them disabled on your site, then it can be a potential risk to your website’s security. It is better to delete these unused plugins.
  • Use a SSL Certificate – It is called Secure Socket Layer. This networking technology encrypts information between a server and a browser. You may notice some websites have https:// while others only have http://. Those websites are using SSL certificates.
  • Change the default Admin account username – This another common mistake most WordPress users make. Hackers can easily attack a website using the default admin account username. Just like passwords, make your Administrator username unique.
  • Install a trusted security plugin – It does not hurt to put a guard on your WordPress site. Having a well-protected website can even increase the number of visitors to your site. There several security plugins available. Make sure to select the trusted one. If you need help finding a reliable security plugin for WordPress site, we can help you.

While some of the security measures mentioned are quite simple, installing plugins and themes can become complicated. If you need assistance installing your WordPress plugins and themes, contact us and we will help you.