Do you find yourself working out on more than twenty browser tabs?

Sticky notes cover your desktop screen.

Yellow post-its line the edge of your PC monitor.

You keep not just one but four journals handy.

A yellow legal pad and a pen sits beside your keyboard.

There is chaos everywhere you look. You can hardly even see the top of your writing desk.

What is happening here?

That is the image of blogger in desperate need of an editorial calendar.

What Is An Editorial Calendar?

Managing a blog can become a pain in the neck especially when you work with a team. You need to setup a system to keep yourselves organized. An editorial is the tool used to create this system. It helps you to schedule content and collaborate with your team.

Five Questions To Setup An Editorial Calendar

How does an editorial calendar looks like? It all depends on the needs of your team. The editorial calendar is helpful for tracking previously written content and scheduling future content for publishing. It is a helpful communication tool for content creators.

Consider these questions when setting up your content calendar:

  • How often will you publish content? – Whether daily, weekly or monthly, knowing the frequency of your posts helps you see how your editorial calendar should look like.
  • What type of content do you want to create? – You can publish different types of content but you need to determine which type of content to publish at a time.
  • How many people will use your editorial calendar? – Editorial calendars should allow access to multiple people for better collaboration.
  • What are the different phases your content should go through before publishing? – When you work with a team, your conten often goes through different stages. You need to distinguish these stages on your content calendar.
  • What platform will you use to manage your editorial calendar? – Consider your team’s goals when selecting a suitable software to manage your editorial calendar. Choose one that offers you features that allows better communication among the team.

Software used for managing an editorial calendar can be as simple as an Excel or Google Sheet but there are plenty of platforms available. They offer sophisticated features that help you manage your content writing team more effectively. If you need help selecting a platform to setup your content management system, contact us. We are excited to help you.