3 Stages of Inbound Marketing

The basic idea about inbound marketing is to make delighted customers become advocates of your brand. Your goal is to exceed people’s expectations so that they would want to tell friends and family about their awesome experience. When a prospect or customer becomes delighted with a product or service, they will be very likely to promote that product or service. They influence others to come to your business. Read more

7 Mailchimp Alternatives for WordPress

We all know Mailchimp. It is one of the most popular email automation platform on the Internet. Their free plan brought them great popularity among Internet marketers. However, the company doesn’t seem to keep up with their quality of service. Hence, the email marketing mogul is slowly coming to a decline in its number of subscribers.

They made matters worst when they changed their prices recently. Mailchimp administrators are now charging businesses for unsubscribed users. This obviously brought a lot of disappointment to the Internet marketers who use Mailchimp. It increase their company’s marketing costs. It’s not very customer-friendly. Read more

How to Setup Google Analytics on WordPress

Google Analytics is an essential element for your online business success. It provides you with the tools to monitor traffic to your site. You need this information to understand what consumers want from your business. That is why it is important to incorporate this feature to your WordPress site.

How to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site? There are three ways to setup Google Analytics on WordPress. Some experts suggest using a special plugin called MonsterInsights. It is the easiest and most popular analytics plugin used by both beginners and WordPress experts. Following this expert advice, let’s learn the basic steps to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site. Read more

Top 6 Best WordPress LMS Plugins

Since online learning became a popular trend among avid learners and educators alike, WordPress lets you create an online learning course using some recommended LMS plugins. These types of software helps build an eLearning site without the trouble of writing difficult codes. Let’s compare these top 6 WordPress recommended LMS plugins and we which is best. Read more

7 Steps to Build Your Online Store

Whether you have an item to sell or a service to offer, the online marketplace makes a great spot to build your business. With the advancing technology, billions of people go online everyday. Social Media makes it easier for you to reach a wide range of potential customers. You no longer need to leave your location to find those clients. You can easily get in touch with them through your the world wide web.

If you’re planning to start a business, consider setting up an online store. You might find it more profitable than building a brick-and-mortar storefront. Let me give you some tips to help you get started with your online store. Read more

Helpful Tips on Changing WordPress Themes

If you think changing the appearance of your website doesn’t cause much trouble on the back end, then think again. With WordPress, changing your website theme could make you lose some data if you don’t do it right. Although it’s quite easy to change and manage your WordPress themes, you might find to need to get a good WordPress developer to help you.

It’s easy to change the theme of your WordPress site. You can actually do it with just a few clicks. However, making the wrong move can also make you lose important data. Consider the following tips to avoid falling into this troublesome situation. Read more