A great website is your company’s greatest asset. But too much aesthetics gravely affects your SEO strategy. A poorly crafted webpage can hurt your business online presence. It can drive potential customers away.

Complicated and hard to read web pages can turn people off. It is better to keep a clean and simple web design for your business. People would love a website that lets them quickly find the information they are looking for.

The purpose of a website to create an awareness of your brand or business to the online. SEO is the strategy to achieve this purpose and your website is one factor that affects it. If you want to be successful with your SEO efforts, you need to avoid the following web design mistakes:

  • Annoying Pop Ups – While these can add zest to your site, they are troublesome to your first-time visitors. Use them sparingly. Don’t let them appear very soon. It’s annoying.
  • Unreadable Text and Offensive Colour Schemes – Offensive colour schemes and fancy font styles also affects your audience impression of your site. If you use a script font on your page, people will find it difficult to read. Even if its a plain text like Arial or Tahoma but it is too small, it’s still a problem. Make sure to use a readable font with the right font size on your web page. Use a colour scheme that is pleasant to the eyes.
  • Loud Sounds Playing Automatically – It’s tempting to make audio and video tracks play automatically on a web page. They can easily attract people’s attention. But having loud sounds playing automatically may startle your audience when they visit your site. Make sure to keep videos muted if you want to keep them on your homepage.
  • Large Image and Audio Files – They take up space on your web server. Having too much of these files slows down the loading pages on your site. Keep the amount of these files at a minimum and check your site’s loading speed regularly. People expect a page loading time of less than two seconds.
  • Unresponsive Layout – A majority of your audience are using mobile devices. Make sure that your design can adapt to the varying screen sizes of these devices. Unresponsive layouts affect the readability of your site pages.

Poorly designed web pages can make or break your online business strategy. It is helpful to have a plan when creating a website for your business. You can also seek the help of a professional to develop an effective design for your business.