When you have determined your goals and target audience, you can easily set up your content calendar.

All you need is a blank spreadsheet. You can use Google Sheets or open an Excel file on your computer.

In this article, we will teach you seven steps to create your own content calendar.

Make An Outline Of Your Content

This is your first step. Experts call this the content mix. It a list of different types of content that you plan to create. Put this list on the first tab or sheet of your content calendar.

Add Sheets for Each Month

Think of how often you have decided to publish your content. If you plan to publish daily or more than a few times a week, then you need to create 12 different sheets on your calendar. If you do not post very often, two sheets for a 6-month plan will keep things tidy.

Create The Table for Content

Label nine columns on the first row of the table. Consider the following items to label each column. Choose your favorite color to make this row stand out on the sheet.

  • Publish date
  • Deadline for First Draft
  • Headline of the Blog Post
  • Author of the Blog Post
  • Content Type
  • Target Keywords
  • Call To Action
  • Visuals Needed
  • Remarks or Notes

Take Note of Relevant Events and Holidays

Keeping in mind the dates of important holidays and events helps you decide the best time to publish content. Usually, we do not publish on this dates but you can create specific content fitted for the occasion on that day.

Setup A Posting Schedule

Sticking to a consistent publishing schedule is the secret to becoming a successful blogger. It helps build your readership. Use social media analytics to determine the best time to post. Unlike social media updates, blog post are not often read the moment you publish. Therefore, how you promote greatly matters.

Fill Up The Posting Dates On Your Calendar

After having established the frequency and publishing dates of your post, it is time to put them on your content calendar. Enter these dates on the respective column on each sheet for each month.

Research Blog Post Ideas

Now, your calendar is ready to be filled up with content ideas. Think about your niche and research popular content shared all over the web. You can get inspiration from competitors and influential bloggers. You can subscribe to top publications to keep yourself updated with the trends in your industry. This can help you create relevant content that people would love to share on social media.


So, there’s your very own content calendar. You can now start drafting your content for your first publication. If you need help creating content for your blog, we can help you. Contact us here and let’s get started.