If you think changing the appearance of your website doesn’t cause much trouble on the back end, then think again. With WordPress, changing your website theme could make you lose some data if you don’t do it right. Although it’s quite easy to change and manage your WordPress themes, you might find to need to get a good WordPress developer to help you.

It’s easy to change the theme of your WordPress site. You can actually do it with just a few clicks. However, making the wrong move can also make you lose important data. Consider the following tips to avoid falling into this troublesome situation.

  • Backup Your Code – When you or your web developer is fond of adding code snippets into your theme files, then it is helpful to have a copy of these code snippets before changing your theme. It helps to easily add them to your new theme.
  • Test Your Website Load Time – Speed is an essential element for user experience and SEO. Therefore, you must make sure that your new theme loads your website faster than the previous one.
  • Keep Track of Your Analytics – Webmasters often overlook these analytics codes when changing WordPress themes. But, these codes are important for your online marketing strategy.
  • Backup All Your Content – Always make sure to download all your content into your computer before changing your website theme. This will help you recover your website easily if anything goes wrong along the process.
  • Keep Your Site on Maintenance Mode – It’s always good practice to put your site on maintenance mode when making changes. Making changes to a live site will greatly affect the user’s experience.

So, there you have it. Some helpful tips to avoid problems when changing your WordPress theme. If you still need help choosing which theme is the best for your business, talk to us. We can help set up the right theme for your business website.