Choosing a the best domain name is the first step towards building a great website. But, before we start learning the steps to finding a good domain name, it is important to know the basics of domain name registration. Let’s figure out how a domain works.

What is a Domain Name?

If creating a website was like building a house, a domain name is your registered address. It is the name for the location of your website. It is made up of a bunch of letters and numbers which a user types on the browser to access your site. Put simple, a domain is the address of your website.

As the Internet is a huge network of computers, it assigns a specific to number to each computer it connects to. This number is called an IP address. The Internet uses this number to identify each computer in the network.

Every business that connects to the Internet has its own IP address. This IP address associates to the company’s website. With the increasing number of website popping out in the worldwide web, it becomes to difficult their IP addresses. Hence, the domain name was created. It helps business owners to create an easy-to-remember address for their website.

When Do You Need a Domain Name?

Many business owners register their domain names even before they start building their website. This is a smart move. We highly recommend you doing this. Once you get the idea of a good domain name, then go ahead and get it registered. Someone might have been thinking of that name even before you did.

More than forty thousand domains are registered every day. The third quarter of 2018 listed more than 46,000 .com domains. Currently, the number of registered domains have already reached more than 140 million domains. Therefore, as we are speaking here, domains have been registered every second.

It’s a tough competition. You need to be quick about registering your domain name. If you are serious about building your company’s website, then you should register a domain name as soon as you get the idea for it.