Did you ever have trouble putting that PDF document on your eLearning site? Well, you must be using WordPress. This blogging platform does not let you embed this type of document on your blog post. You will need to install a PDF viewer plugin to get that functionality.

What is a WordPress Plugin?

A WordPress plugin is a small piece of software that gives your WordPress site extra functionality without writing a single line of code. You can easily install and activate these plugins into your WordPress site. You can even get them up and running with just a couple of clicks on your mouse button. These little bunch of codes are written in the PHP programming language. They work smoothly with WordPress.

A PDF Viewer plugin enables you to embed PDF documents into your WordPress post and pages. Users will no longer need to leave your site to view these files. They can read, download and even print the document directly from your page. This feature is useful for building your website’s page rank and user engagement. You will need this PDF viewer plugin for your online marketing strategy.

Adding PDF Files Without Plugins

It’s easy to install and activate a PDF Viewer plugin on WordPress. But, while this plugin makes life easier when adding PDF files into your blog posts and pages, you don’t always need them at all. You can still embed PDF files without installing these plugins. To do so, just follow the steps below:

  1. Go to WordPress post where you want to add the PDF file to view.
  2. Now click on the Add Media button.
  3. Click on the Upload files Tab.
  4. Now again click on the Select file button to upload the PDF file.
  5. Select and upload your PDF file to the WordPress media gallery.
  6. Once it uploads, come back to your blog post.
  7. Where you want to add the PDF file viewer click there and after that just click on the TEXT tab given on the right top side of your text editor.
  8. Inside the text editor just place the following code:

    <embed src=”https://ww.example.com/demo.pdf” type=”application/pdf” width=”774″ height=”774″></embed>

  9.  Now click on the Add media, select the PDF file and copy its URL given on the right side.
  10. After copying the URL, just replace the https://ww.example.com/demo.pdf with your pdf file.
  11. You can also increase or decrease the size of the embedded pdf file by altering the value of Width and height attributes given in the code.
  12. Once you replaced the URL you will see you have successfully added the embedded PDF file viewer on WordPress post without any external plugin.


Although the steps don’t need much programming skills, they can still be quite confusing for the novice WordPress user. In this case, it might be helpful to hire a WordPress developer to do the job. You can contact us if you need help with installing WordPress plugins on your site.