What is the difference between content marketing and inbound marketing? There isn’t much but inbound marketing is the broader concept which encompasses content marketing. Inbound marketing involves content marketing in its strategy.

Content is the key to success in your inbound marketing strategy. You begin by creating relevant and helpful content that solve a customer’s problem. This valuable content attracts prospects to your business. But, how do you get started with content marketing?

First of all, it is important to know what your business goals are. These goals will lead you to the right direction where you want your business to go. Having a clear vision of your goal is an important element for the success of your marketing strategy. With inbound marketing, the goal is to create useful content that will attract prospective customers to come to your business.

The Content Marketing Institute defines two essential elements to get started with content marketing. These two elements will help you determine which type of content you should be creating. Let us get to know them here.

Understanding Your Goals

How will this content support our business goals? Always remember to ask this question. If you can’t find any answer to that question, then such content must not be helpful for your business. Don’t give it priority. Content should support at least one of your core marketing or business goals.

Here are few marketing goals to consider for your content strategy:

  • Raise brand awareness
  • Build an email list
  • Nurture customer relationships
  • Retain customers
  • Increase sales or purchases
  • Make customers as brand ambassadors
Consider Your Audience

Your audience is another important element to consider in your content marketing strategy. You don’t just create content for the sake of creating content. You also need to keep in mind your intended audience. This is where you fish for that prospective customer that you want to for your business. In order to create relevant and useful content that would attract your target audience, you need to get to know your audience. You need to understand their worries and concerns so that you can provide them with the solution for their problem.

Content Marketing is the practice of creating relevant and compelling content for a targeted customer. It focuses on the all the stages of the buyers journey. From brand awareness to consideration, and eventually, the decision to buy the product, the goal of content marketing for an inbound business is to make happy customers promote the business to other people.