Google Analytics is an essential element for your online business success. It provides you with the tools to monitor traffic to your site. You need this information to understand what consumers want from your business. That is why it is important to incorporate this feature to your WordPress site.

How to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site? There are three ways to setup Google Analytics on WordPress. Some experts suggest using a special plugin called MonsterInsights. It is the easiest and most popular analytics plugin used by both beginners and WordPress experts. Following this expert advice, let’s learn the basic steps to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site.

  1. Signup with Google Analytics – It’s pretty easy to signup for Google Analytics. All you need is a Google or Gmail account. If you don’t have a Google or Gmail account, you can easily create one for free.You can visit the Google Analytics site to register.
  2. Register your Website – Sign in to Google Analytics with your Gmail account. You can actually choose between a website and a mobile app to set up Google Analytics. Make sure to choose website and perform the on-screen instructions that follow.
  3. Get your Tracking Code – Fill up the Google Analytics registration form with all the required information. Click on the “Agree” button to confirm your registration. Take note of your Google Analytics tracking code. You will need this to code to install Google Analytics on your WordPress site.
  4. Enter your Tracking Code – Here comes the three methods which the experts suggest to install Google Analytics. The first two methods includes the use of special plugins. The last one, which is quite complicated, involves installing Google Analytics in the WordPress theme.

Although setting up Google Analytics is quite simple easy, some users may still encounter problems setting it up on their WordPress site. A good WordPress developer can make their lives easier. If you need help setting up Google Analytics plugins on your WordPress site, let us know and we will help you get started with success on your online business.