WP Creative Solutions Business Philosophy

Do you ever wonder why you can’t get people to stay for long on your site? Whether you have an online store or a real, brick-and-mortar shop, you would want people to come to your location. But, how do you get those people to come?

The old way of doing marketing can be very demanding. It calls for a rather ruthless and cutthroat approach to selling your product or service. It builds on the philosophy that in order for your business to thrive, you need to do every effort to grow even at the expense of your customers.This method is known as outbound marketing.

What’s Wrong with Outbound Marketing?

In your effort to make your business known in the market, you bombard potential clients with all the information about your product and persuade to purchase your item even though they do not really need it. In the end, the customer regrets their decision for having listened to your propaganda.

The problem with outbound marketing is that it neglects the relationship between the business and its customers. It leads business executives to make short-term decisions just to beat the competitions. However, these decisions often sacrifice the long-term relationships it has built with existing clients.

Outbound marketing could destroy the trust that people have on your brand. Even with just one negative experience, customers switch from one brand to another. They would stop communicating with your business if they get too many unnecessary information or the buying process is too difficult.

A Better Way to Do Business

There has been a massive shift in the way customers find information about products and services. We are now living in a world where information is easily available. Consumers have become more empowered. Most often, people already know about your product or service even before they come to you. With the help of the Internet and social media, it makes it easy for them to compare brands and make well-informed marketing decisions. Consumers today are no longer convince with a fancy sales call.

A better way to do business is to help people. You create meaningful relationships with your target market and give them an experience that they value. You strive to provide them with just the right information that they need at the right time.In this way, you are building a trust relationship with that customer. Eventually, they will see you as a trusted source of valuable information.

Consumers always look for value with what they buy. If you are able to give this value to your customers, then they are very likely to do business with you again. This method is called inbound marketing. It is a marketing philosophy built around helping people. You pull people into your business by being helpful. You make them decide to come to your store instead of dragging them in.

Think About It…

We will talk more about inbound marketing in another post. For now, go back and think about your own business strategy. Do you think inbound marketing is the best method to use for your business? Let us know if you want and perhaps we can help you. If you need help setting up a website for your business, you’ve come to the right place. You can contact us here to get started.