Since online learning became a popular trend among avid learners and educators alike, WordPress lets you create an online learning course using some recommended LMS plugins. These types of software helps build an eLearning site without the trouble of writing difficult codes. Let’s compare these top 6 WordPress recommended LMS plugins and we which is best.

  • LearnDash – WordPress picks LearnDash as the best LMS plugin for most users. It is also the most popular on the market today. It has a convenient drag-and-drop website builder. So, you can easily create lessons, topics and quizzes without learning how to write complicated programming codes.
  • LifterLMS – LifterLMS follows suit in WordPress’ list of highly recommended LMS plugins. With an intuitive user interface and many powerful features that promotes user engagement, it is the perfect alternative for LearnDash.
  • Teachable – Although not a WordPress plugin, this powerful course builder joins the list of WordPress’ recommended LMS site builder. It offers a complete set of tools you need to create, manage and sell online course. You can use it as a subdomain or simply link it to your eLearning site.
  • LearnPress – It may be a little bit difficult to setup this LMS plugin because it doesn’t come with a setup wizard. But, its flexible features still lets you create your online course with ease. It comes with a free version which you can upgrade with paid add-ons for more features and support.
  • WP Courseware – It is another popular WordPress LMS plugin that allows drog-and-drop creation tools to build an eLearning site. It is a good choice to build your online learning course because it allows you to create free courses or lessons to attract more subscribers to your eLearning site.
  • Sensei – Last, but definitely not the least, we have Sensei. The creators of WooCommerce created this powerful LMS plugin for WordPress. It is, therefore, the best choice if you wish to extend the services of your online store. You can easily integrate Sensei with your WooCommerce store.

We have just compared the top 6 LMS plugins for WordPress. There still are plenty of other excellent plugins available. Choosing the best plugin for your eLearning site can be quite difficult and confusing. You could use the help of some professional web developers. If you need some advice on the best LMS plugin to use, contact us and we will help you get started with our eLearning site.