Wouldn’t it be great if you can keep your subscribers glued to your site? You can do that by providing interactive content on your site. Embedded videos, audio and other media resolves this issue. You want to do this to boost your SEO. However, WordPress holds some limitations on embedding such media formats to your site.

The PDF Problem

You can easily embed videos, tweets, social media posts and audio files on your WordPress blog. But, when it comes to embedding PDF, it’s a different story. WordPress does not give the option to fully embed these types of files into your blog post. You can upload them and WordPress puts a link on your post to that file.

If you are starting an eLearning business, then you could benefit from this WordPress functionality to embed PDF documents. Your course material will probably come mostly in this type of document. You will need to provide them to your students. In as much as you would want to keep them on your site when they study, WordPress just would not permit that without installing the necessary plugin.

A Plugin Solution

Uploading PDF documents into your blog posts hurts your SEO. When users need to view the contents of these files, they will have to move away from your page. Sometimes, these users no longer go back to your page after reading the document. This situation reduces your site’s page views and user engagement. That is why you would want to keep them on your page as much as possible. But, how?

To embed a PDF document directly into your WordPress post and pages, you will need to install a PDF Viewer plugin into your WordPress site. This WordPress plugin allows your website users to view, read, download and even print the file right out of your page. They no longer need to leave your website. You need this useful feature on your site to succeed in your online marketing strategy. If you need help installing these plugins, contact us and we will assist you.