watch WordCamp 2019 live stream

Whether you are a simple blogger or a professional WordPress developer, you must now be getting ready for WordCamp 2019. It is coming over the weekend in St. Louis, Missouri, USA. The conference begins on Friday, November 1, and stretches until Sunday, November 3. You can also watch live streams of the event for free. If you’re not familiar with WordCamp, we will tell you here.

WordPress organizes conferences in local communities to talk about anything related to WordPress. These conferences include sessions on how to use WordPress effectively, plugin and theme development as well as advanced techniques that you might want to know about WordPress. From blogging newbies to professional WordPress developers, they all want to attend the WordCamp sessions.

WordCamp began in San Francisco on 2006. Matt Mullenweg organized the event. Since then, local communities around the world followed suit. The activities at the WordCamp varies depending on the local community which hosted it. You can learn about these session on the WordCamp channel. Here’s a video of last year’s “State of the Word” featuring Matt Mullenweg in WordCamp 2018.

Are you going to watch WordCamp 2019 in person? Hurry and get your tickets now. This year’s WordCamp schedule is packed with many interesting session that will give you the knowledge you want about WordPress. It can be difficult to join all of these sessions but don’t worry. You can always¬† watch the recorded live streams at your convenience. Unfortunately, for us who are oceans apart from the camp venue, we can only rely on the live streams to watch the sessions at WordCamp 2019.